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Legend of the Seeker Kahlan costume research: Part 2

Hey all!

It's time for another update on the Kahlan costume research. This time it's about Kahlan's skirt she wears with her white confessor dress. I didn't do a flat sketch this time around since there simply aren't any references on the waistband. I'm just going to infer about the finishing of the skirt using my best judgement, so I might not be totally accurate here.

Anyway. Here is a starters reference:
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Much shorter report this time. Part 3 will be about her Confessors dress and will be reeeaaalllly image heavy! It might be a while until I post it up.

Part 1: The Corset can be found on my website

Legend of the Seeker: Kahlan Research Part 1

Hi All,

I’m planning on making Kahlan Amnell’s costumes from the television series “Legend of the Seeker” later on this summer. I’ve been researching the costumes for about 6 months now, and I decided to document my findings for others to reference. I’ll be going through my research first, and after I finish my other sewing projects, I’ll be posting progress images on my own construction of the costume.

I’m going to break down all the parts of her outfit little by little, with hopes of getting every piece replicated as close as possible. I do this by looking at many hi-res reference images, watching behind the scenes footage, and of course, watching the actual episodes.

I like to draw out flat sketches of the garments so I can understand where all the seams are and design details. I will be posting them here. Please understand that drawing them takes time, so if you want to use my images, you can, but please give me credit for them.

If you feel that something I’ve included doesn’t seem right, or if I missed something, please speak up! I love feedback! This is just the ramblings of someone with lots of time on their hands!

Anywho, onto my first part of Kahlan’s costume, her corset.

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Steampunk gown is done!

So I had a very busy weekend!

I finished my Steampunk gown and wore it to the picnic this weekend. I have a bunch of awesome pictures coming of me wearing it!

Also, Friday and Saturday night Celtic Dragon Dress Designs participated in Providence Fashion Week. On the second night I put my Steampunk gown into the show. The model, Mori, who was soooooooo excited to wear the dress, was happy to take some pictures in it. I think she looked wonderful!

You can see more on my Flickr and many photos of the other garments we had in the show here.

Now to sleep forever because my legs are killing me from all the walking around in heels the last two days ;____;
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Portfolio is over!

My setup. I was in the center on the stage, which was really nervewracking at first, but after a while it was fun because in my downtime I could watch other people pretty well.  The skirt on my poor silver dress looks like poop because I was fussing with it.

Overall I'm happy with the presentation, and I got a lot of wonderful feedback.

You can see more pictures from the presentations (including lots of shots of other people presenting) at my Facebook or Flickr :

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Photopost photoposts

So I recently purchased a Nikon D40 DSLR camera to replace my sad Powershot and have spent the last few days playing with it. I love it to bits and see myself bringing it with me where ever I go. For a while I've been wanting to document things that I see that inspire me, whether it be shapes, colors, patterns, fabrics, etc. and this camera is perfect for it. I've decided that I'll make regular posts with these images and other pictures I take with the camera.

Inspirational images

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Also, Henry, Rory and I have been playing many games lately so of course I had to take pictures of the games! I think the pictures came out pretty interesting.

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Ps. Why is it so hard to post images in livejournal cuts with rich text? WTF


Lol cosplay meme

**Cosplay Meme**
Post your first cosplay (that you have pictures of) and your most recent cosplay to see how you've improved.

Lol it's not technically my most recent, since Nobody Alice and Penny were done after, but Penny isn't 100% and Thumbelina was my last "big" project.
Hahahaha look at that hilarious Rinoa costume. I still wear the zipper biker shorts under my skirts sometimes.

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Music and junk

Hey all.

I was driving home today listening to my mp3 player in my car and I realized that I wanted to make a little list with songs that give me goosebumps/chills. I enjoy listening to these songs the most in my car, especially with the volume really loud. I thought I'd share my top 10, in no particular order.
1. Parachute- Guster I love the harmonies in this song, especially towards the end. 
2. The Blind Leaving the Blind: Movement 1- Punch Brothers   Funny enough, even though the song is 12 minutes long, the last 60 seconds is one of the best parts. I love the whole song <3 <3
3. Defying Gravity- Wicked 'nough said
4. The Lighthouse's Tale- Nickel Creek Such a sad story!
5. Hide and Seek- Imogen Heap I am a sucker for cool harmonies. This song has only vocals layered upon each other. I love it.
6. Raining at Sunset- Chris Thile This song is so amazing, sorry I could only find the track version on a make up application! The "Edgar (Meyer-bass) and (Stewart-violin) Duncan show" (as Chris Thile calls it) about 5 minutes into it makes me want to cry sometimes. I found a particularly beautiful redition of it here.
7. Bartender- Live at Folsom Field- Dave Matthews Band- I LOVE this version of this song. The whole middle part with the chanting is just awesome. It beats all other versions of this song out of the water.
8. Tango de Roxanne- Moulin Rouge- ok, so I'm also a sucker for this movie. I love the buildup to this song. It culminates into this beautiful mix of instrumentation and vocals, combined with the footage in the movie, it's enough for chills!
9. Bleed to Love Her- Fleetwood Mac- Oh Lindsey Buckingham, how sweet your guitar sounds <3 You're especially fucking amazing playing Big Love.
10. The Origin of Love- Hedwig and the Angry Inch- There's a lot of emotion in this song, I think that's what gets me.

BONUS: Bells of Notre Dame- The Hunchback of Notre Dame- UGH the last bit of the song, with the big loud bells. Best Disney intro EVER

This is a fun list to make! I could think of more, naturally, but I have sewing to do today! We're also going to see a movie at the IMAX today.


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Lorifina is here!

This was the most exciting thing I saw while I was working at Hasbro. The Lorifina doll is the super gorgeous 20" doll with customizable eyes, hair, and skin, and a collection of mix and match clothing and accessories you can get for her. I've seen the dolls and clothing up close and HOLY CRAP the outfits are so intricately constructed and designed. There are no shortcuts taken on the outfits. The waistbands have interfacing, real buttons, little zippers, all hemmed. They are *wonderful* I wish I could have some of those outfits myself. I especially love the houndstooth pleated mini skirt. That was one piece that stuck out to me in the collections that I saw. I LOVE THIS DOLL. I AM SO EXCITED I HAVE TO SHARE WITH YOU.


Hey again. I decided to take the time and make a photopost since I ran out of embroidery thread for the George coat and have to wait until tomorrow to get more.

Anyway, onto pictures of my (partially finished) Penny costume from Dr. Horrible and the progress on the George coat from Paradise Kiss!

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